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            MQ-MSP01 2-Camera Vest System




            The MQ-MSP01 2-Camera Vest System from Micnova is aa unique Vest harness system supports 2 Cameras eliminating the neck strainusually associated with shooting long time jobs.

            l        2-Camera Vest System isdesigned around the 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount thread size that themajority of SLRS

            l         The 10 degree angledhub is designed specifically for use with professional series (full bodied) andbattery-gripped cameras

            l        the built-in lensStabilization Strap adds another measure of balance and support by holding thelens firmly against your body, preventing "swing"

            l         The D-Ring attaches tothe camera's strap lug and then to the other end of the tether

            l        Holster Secure camera lockingsystem with instant release

            l        Good choice for anyoneshooting sports, nature or weddings. Makes shooting easier and more efficientby having two cameras.

            Type2-Camera Vest System
            Waist SizeOne size fits all
            Weight580 g
            Packaging Info
            Package Weight26 g
            Box Dimensions (LxWxH)18x12x4cm