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            KK-LHE Capture Lens for Sony E Mount Lenses




            The KK-LHE Capture Lens for Nikon F Mount Lenses from Micnova is a two-sidedlocking mount provides a fast and effective way for carrying and switchinglenses in the field

            l        With a two-sided lens lockingmount and sturdy shoulder strap

            l        Quickly attach your workinglens to the Locking mount, remove your alternate lens and attach it to yourcamera

            l        Sturdy lugs and 1"-wideadjustable length shoulder strap secure even heavy lenses and keep themconveniently at your side.

            TypeCapture Lens for M4/3 System Lenses
            ConstructionBrass Mount
            Strap Length150cm
            Maximum Weight Supported15 kg
            Weight176 g
            Packaging Info
            Package Weight35 g
            Box Dimensions (LxWxH)8x8x12cm