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            KK-LHC Capture Lens for Canon EF/EFs Mount Lenses




              The KK-LHC Capture Lens for Canon EF/EFs Mount Lenses from Micnova is a two-sided locking mount provides a fast and effective way for carrying and switching lenses in the field

               With a two-sided lens locking mount and sturdy shoulder strap

               Quickly attach your working lens to the Locking mount, remove your alternate lens and attach it to your camera

               Sturdy lugs and 1"-wide adjustable length shoulder strap secure even heavy lenses and keep them conveniently at your side.

            TypeCapture Lens for Canon EF/EFs Mount Lenses
            ConstructionBrass Mount
            Strap Length150cm
            Maximum Weight Supported15 kg
            Weight176 g
            Packaging Info
            Package Weight35 g
            Box Dimensions (LxWxH)8x8x12cm