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            KK-ENC99Pro Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount

            KK-ENC99 PRO V00.pdf




            The KK-ENC99Pro for Canon EF or EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-MountCamera from Micnova .

            Allows a Canon EF or EF-Smount lens to be used with a Sony E-mount camera

            l        Allows third-party,full-frame or APS-C EF-mount lenses to be used with a Sony E-mount camera

            l        Supports electroniccommunication between camera and lens to enable autofocus, image stabilization,on-camera aperture control.

            l        Internal coating minimizesreflections within the

            l        Integrated switch fully opensaperture diaphragm on compatible electronic lenses to help ensure focusaccuracy

            l        Detachable, Arca-Swisscompatible tripod foot with 3/8" threads

            l        Aluminum-alloy components forweight reduction

            l        Brass mounting rings furtherprevent wear-and-tear

            l        Locking mechanism for secureattachment of lens with push-button release

            CompatibilityCanon EF or EF-S mount lens to Sony E-mount camera
            Tested Camera Bodies
            Lens compatibility
            Packaging Info
            Package Weight220 g
            Box Dimensions (LxWxH)90x80x60 mm